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Blended Families, Adoption, & Foster Care

In the United States, families are created in many different ways.   Over 1/3 of all weddings in America today form some type of step-family. Over 53, 000 adoptive families were created through the US foster care system in 2015 alone. When different families are blended into new families, many issues can arise.  If your family has been created non-traditionally such as divorce and remarriage, adoption or foster care and a family 'war' seems to be brewing, it might be time to gain assistance from someone who has been there.  

I can provide support as someone who has not only studied it but is living it.  I am a former foster parent and now adoptive parent (14 years) of 4 children.  Even the perfect families can meet challenges on their journey.  I can help you find a truce in the family war.  

Parent Coaching 

 Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs you 
will ever experience.  No matter how your family has been created, traditionally or non-traditionally, sometimes you need an unbiased, experienced person to coach you through the tough times.    I am a highly sensitive parent to highly sensitive kids as well as an adoptive parent for more than 16 years and a parent coach for more than 20 years. I can help you figure out what approach you need to take to help your children get and stay on track.  

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