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Adult, Adolescent & Childhood 

Trauma can be defined as a distressing or life-threatening event.  The events that might cause trauma in one person, might not affect another person.  The highly sensitive person tends to be traumatized by less complex events.  That is why some people can be involved in a disastrous event and not be traumatized but others are.   Sufferers may develop extreme anxiety, PTSD, depression, anger, complex grief and loss.   
If left untreated, sufferers will continue to struggle with the above mentioned symptoms that most likely will escalate to an unbearable state.  Often sufferers will self medicate with food, drugs or alcohol. Sometimes they hide from their nightmares by depriving themselves of sleep.  All of which have additional repercussions. 
If you or someone you love is having nightmares or intrusive thoughts, have unnatural fears that prevent you from finding peace and happiness, you might be dealing with unresolved trauma.    I work with many people who have experienced multiple types of traumas and have helped them find relief and peace of mind.  Together we will create a plan of action that fits your lifestyle and provide you with the type of outcomes you desire.  
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