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Adult, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Issues

 Anger Depression Anxiety

Anger.  Is the number one most accepted emotion in the world, especially for men. Growing up men and boys are told, "man up, only sissy's cry."  And if anyone sees you crying, you might be thought of as weak.  It isn't often we are taught having emotions are OK.  Therefore, we cover them up with the most acceptable feeling.  Anger.  

Often, when someone (adult or child)  is chronically angry, they have a lot of other emotions boiling below the surface they aren't sure how to manage.  Often the anger leads to depression, anxiety, or fear.  Together, we can figure out what is causing your anger and help you decide how to manage it. 

Childhood Anger and Mental Health
When a child is handling emotions they are not sure how to manage they often act out.  This can be identified as 'behavior issues' bullying' and 'defiance'.  When you get to the root of the issue the emotion decreases and so does the behavior.  Working with you and your child, we can utilize different methods of therapy to figure out what is going on internally with your child.  Often kids don't have the words but are masters of play and expressing how they feel through it, art and other creativeness.  I work with a strength based theory and let the child show me their language.  
If someone  you love is struggling so much they have begun harming themselves or making suicidal comments, it is critical to get them help as soon as possible. Do not delay.  I will work with you to see your loved one immediately.  If I am not able to fit them into my schedule,  I will refer you to a trusted colleague for assistance.  You can always call 911 if your loved one has done something that makes you question their safety.

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